Annual Car Show

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DAD'S CAR SHOW - 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM on June 28, 2020

Starting on Father's Day in 2012, St. Paul Lutheran Church has held a Car Show following its Fathers Day Sunday morning service. In 2020 we are moving our Annual Car Show to the next Sunday, June 28. All are invited to bring and show their special cars or to come and see other's treasures.

All are welcomed to a more informal 9:30 AM worship service. Join us for a time of worship before the Car Show.

In 2015 we expanded not only in the number of cars shown, but also added available Hot Dogs, snacks, ice cream and drinks. In 2020 we are offering burgers, brats & hotdogs.

We are considering adding one or two evening "Cruise Ins" during the Summer. These could be Friday evenings when car owners can bring their cars to share and to visit.

The Beginning

This Studebaker Lark started it all.

Muscle Cars

We will welcome more of all types.

A Plymouth?

Yep, Mike's pickup

More Studebakers

Here's another one. More came in 2015 and more are expected in 2016.


2014 was the 50th anniversary of the Mustang.

We look for more in the future.


Hey, It's a V8.

Special Studebakers

We are looking for many more.


This Model A has joined our show.

2015 People's Choice Award

They didn't pick the oldest or the fanciest.

2015 Variety

Big muscle and classic Studebakers. 2015 had a great variety.